Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the April 2007 Meeting


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This meeting was called to order by Dennis Cockrum, Chair
Meeting minutes approved by June Burch and seconded Chris Bruns
Best wishes to Janet Tendick!
  1. Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day – no serious injuries, 8-9 arrests – this # is a decrease from last year’s arrests
    Classroom monitoring was very effective as to class disruptions Concern remains as to # of people coming from other campuses – over 50% of citations were not U of I students Goal is to make this event less attractive, so students won’t want to attend Weather may have had an impact on # of people attending U of I Chancellor is looking @ Task Force and their suggestions
  2. Symposium Planning Committee – met previous to the Coalition meeting and discussed options for hosting
    Symposium in the fall of 2007 Has been postponed until fall, due to loss of funding (thru U of I) Questions continue to be discussed by Planning Committee as to whether we should host the Symposium, in the fall, with minimal monies available, and featuring local speakers, or speakers that may charge a reasonable cost, maybe charging a minimal fee to attend
    Symposium goals were discussed: 1) increase in Coalition membership, 2) provide education to community regarding substance abuse issues and resources in community Brian Farber (U of I): mentioned Summer (June) IHEC Workshop focusing on community mobilization.  He will check on being able to invite U of I, Parkland and members of the community. Kathy Jobin will contact Ken Winters and Jim Dedera to speak, their costs, availability Donations: Carle Addiction/Recovery: $300, U of I Counseling: $500, The Pavilion: $300 Locations for Symposium: Mental Health Center, The Pavilion, Parkland College – we are looking at a location that is “no cost” Date: looking at end of October, which may tie in Red Ribbon and other Campaigns
  3. IHEC Conference (held Feb. 26 & 27): 10 attending from U of I and 10 attended from Parkland. Other presentations were discussed and reviewed as to which may be prevalent to our community.
  4. Liquor Advisory Committee: No Coalition members attended the meeting this month.  Meeting times have changed.
Committee Focus
  1. Student Involvement: Checking with students’ schedules for their availability to attend.
  2. Website: Coalition agreed to start a website from “scratch” and will check on students’ availability to assist with this project
  3. City of Champaign Update: n/a
  4. Illinois Youth Survey: Lisa has had 2006 Illinois Youth Survey results tabulated, with a focus on the substance abuse-related questions.  She will provide at upcoming meeting.
  5. U of I: Brian will bring data from “E Chug” surveys.  AOD Office is looking for a replacement for Ilene Harned.
  6. Parkland College: Will be hosting an “Alcohol Screening Day” on April 25, from 12:00-1:00pm, in Room D244.
  7. Creating Awareness: Letters to the Editor were suggested.  Kathy Jobin distributed Alcohol Awareness Media packets.  She also encouraged people to call their legislators to vote “no” on Senate Bill 650, which supports medicinal marijuana.
  8. Clean Air Act: This issue was discussed, regarding the City Council members of Champaign being “in favor” of reversing the law.  The state law will be voted on in the next few weeks.