Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the Febuary 2007 Meeting

CU Campus/Community Coalition (on Alcohol & Other Drugs) Minutes

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Parkland College

Members Present:  Dennis Cockrum, Chair, Parkland; Chris Bruns, The Pavilion; June Burch, Parkland; Amy Carmen-Peck, U of I; Scott Friedlein, CPD; and V. G. (Skip) Frost, U of I Police.

The meeting was called to order by Dennis Cockrum, Chair.

Approval of January Meeting Minutes
June Burch motioned that the minutes be approved and Amy Carmen-Peck seconded the motion.

U of I - Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day is March 2, 2007.

Scott Friedlein – Joe’s Brewery will be closed this weekend due to Liquor Control. There will be a press release coming out on 2/7/07. Committee members will work on getting a letter ready to send to the News-Gazette editor. Dennis asked Scott to send him a copy of the press release; Dennis and June will draft a letter to the editor.

Scott reported that the Nuisance Ordinance will be on next week’s City Council agenda. There will be a study session on 2/13/07 @ 7pm. Items specific to “Unofficial” will also be on the agenda. June will plan on attending the City Council Meeting.

Student Involvement – Dennis is working with a group for service learning that may have student interest.

Liquor Advisory Committee – happy hour regs was passed – preparing draft for city council. The next LAC meeting will be on 2/15/07 @ 8:3am – agenda items: 1) brewery license for the Blind Pig and 2) proposal for banquet hall license.

Parkland College – Alcohol Screening Day is mid-April and they are planning Awareness Education.