Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from The January 2007 meeting

CU Campus/Community Coalition (on Alcohol & Other Drugs) Minutes

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Parkland College

Members Present:  Dennis Cockrum, Chair, Parkland; Claressa Allison, CPHD; June Burch, Parkland; Amy Carmen-Peck, U of I; Brian Farber, U of I, Scott Friedlein, CPD; Ilene Harned, U of I; Jennifer Jackson, CUPHD; Kathy Jobin, IDEA and ILCAAAP; and Linda Smith, Carle Clinic.

The meeting was called to order by Dennis Cockrum, Chair.

Approval of December Meeting Minutes
Ilene recommended an addition to the National Alcohol Screening Day Event/Activities discussion. Parkland College has participated in this annual event for at least the past 5 years. June Burch motioned that the minutes be accepted as amended and Ilene Harned/Lisa Snider seconded the motion.

Ilene Harned announced her retirement at the end of January 2007. She has accepted an exciting job at DREAM, INC. and will be moving to Jackson, Mississippi. Congratulations on your new venture. What a loss this is for our community. Your efforts on this coalition will long be remembered. 


Nuisance Ordinance - Scott Friedlein presented a draft copy of the proposal. Safety issue is the primary focus. He feels this gives his dept. more latitude and provides an incentive for people to obtain a permit for a special event. It would take 2 or more violations for the CPD to intervene. Since the new Chief of Police is reorganizing the dept., Scott is not sure what will happen with the ordinance. 

Proposed changes to Happy Hour rules - Scott Friedlein presented a draft copy of recommended changes and deletions. This will be presented to the Liquor Commission at the 1/18/07 8:30 am meeting. Scott explains that the proposal was made more specific and addresses issues of private party room, celebrity bartenders, violations… Individual fines are $290, licensee violations are $500, $1000, suspension (for 3rd time violation). Discussed need for a position to focus on enforcement. There are 22 bar checks and 50 compliance checks planned for this year. 

How our Coalition can help? Let the Chief of Police know underage drinking is a big concern in our community (encourage support for more education at early grades and high school and continued enforcement efforts at the college level. Attend the Liquor Commission Meetings and show support as a coalition member. Brian made a motion that a letter to the editor be drafted in support of the enforcement efforts after the story about Joe’s Brewery is announced (included a description of our coalition, congratulations to Scott and the CPD). The motion was seconded. Scott will notify Dennis when he knows the story will be aired. He asks that we communicate with him via his personal email regarding these matters. Scott

Public Schools – Lisa Snider reports that her intern will begin next week, this person will be reviewing and compiling a report from survey results.

U of I - Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day final report given to Chancellor which recommends zero tolerance for disruption of classes that day. The Illinois assessment results are similar to last year.

Parkland College - Dennis had discussion with Damien McDonald, Dean of Students as a follow-up to our previous meeting to discuss alcohol/drugs issues and our students. Damien is in support of our continuing to build more faculty involvement in addressing these student concerns and our continuing awareness education efforts (National Alcohol Screening Day efforts). June recommends that we have we plan our Alcohol/Drug Awareness training with a small group (Wellness program, VP of  Student Service, Dean of  Students, Public Safety, Counseling and Advising). She thinks that we could initiate more faculty involvement beginning by encouraging class attendance and build a campus coalition from there. 

Public Awareness - Kathy discussed Senate Bill #848, introduced by Paul Frehlich. She encourages everyone to call the governor’s office, encouraging him to veto this bill.

Student Involvement - Champaign Police Dept. is looking for 18-20 year-olds to help with bar check operation. Pay is $10 per hour, could make $30 in a night. Students with “good reputation” are encouraged to apply. Contact: Scott Friedlein 403-6914.


Affiliates Meeting - Andrea Barthwell will do a half day training on marijuana on 1/26/07.

IHEC grant - Brian reports that the graduate student has been hired and will start next week. Their focus will be follow-up efforts with 18 and 19 year-olds.