Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the March 2007 Meeting

CU Campus/Community Coalition (on Alcohol & Other Drugs) Minutes

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Parkland College

Members Present: Dennis Cockrum, Chair, Parkland; June Burch, Parkland; Ruth McCauley, U of I; and Denise Watt, Prairie Center.

The meeting was called to order by Dennis Cockrum, Chair.

Approval of February Meeting Minutes
June Burch motioned that the minutes be approved and Janet Tendick seconded the motion.

U of I – Unofficial - Ruth McCauley reported that it was better than last year – things were less out of control. There were no reports of classroom disturbances. Assembly hall security helped with Foellinger & Lincoln Hall which freed up officers to be other places. There were monitors in classrooms that hold more than 50 students. The Fraternities were well behaved – no out of control parties. The police will be a list of everyone who was ticketed to Dean of Students. Notices will be sent by the Dean of Students to other universities of their students’ behavior.

Scott Friedlein estimated that 60-70% were non U of I students.  The estimate of non students on campus was between 9-13,000. The Emergency Dean received 21 calls from 5pm on Friday to Monday 8:30am. It was felt that the cold weather had some impact on partying inside and not out on the lawns.

Symposium -The Symposium has been postponed until Fall 2007. The following speakers are a possibility – Jim Mauer (Chris Buns); Roger Claxon (meth for police); Michael Kleppin (adolescent’s brain/gang activity).

We need someone to volunteer as Symposium Chair – anyone interested – we will be meeting ½ hour before the CU-CCC meeting in April.

IHEC – table until the April meeting.

Liquor Advisory Committee – no one from CU-CCC was able to attend the meeting – the date was changed due to the weather. The 2 proposals: nuisance order and emergency powers for the Mayor were passed. The nuisance order went into effect on February 27, 2007.

Prairie Center – Denise informed the committee she deals with Bullying and runs a Girls Group.

Parkland College – There will be an Alcohol Awareness Program sometime in April. Angela Bono, Carle Addictions and Recovery, will be the speaker. Alcohol screening will be available upon request.
Letters to the Editor – looking for someone to routinely go through the News Gazette and electronically send articles to the CU-CCC distribution list and post on website. Website isn’t current – needs to be updated and kept current.