Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the May 2007 Meeting


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Attendees: Lisa Snider/Sherri Rudicil, Prairie Center, Kathy Jobin, IDEA/ILCAAAP, Linda Smith, Carle Clinic, Roger Claxon, Mental Health Center, Angie Bono-Severy, Carle Addiction Recovery, Jeff Christensen, U of I Police Dept., Scott Friedlein, Champaign Police Dept., Jennifer Jackson/Kari Schweighart, C-U Public Health Dept., June Burch/Dennis Cockrum, Parkland College

This meeting was called to order by Dennis Cockrum, Chair

  1. ** It was clarified that Carle Marketing would be giving $300 for the Fall Symposium.  This is in addition to the $300 that Carle Addiction Recovery is donating
  2. Approval of April Meeting Minutes (with addition of $300 donation from Carle Marketing for Fall Symposium)
  3. Meeting Minutes were approved by June Burch and seconded by Angie Bono-Severy
  1. Fall Symposium: Suggestions were given as to the Fall Symposium, including hosting 1 major workshop (possibly in October or November), featuring a keynote speaker and following-up with smaller workshops quarterly – may be a roundtable format, or featuring some local experts as speakers, and incorporating discussion time.  Jim Dedera, a nationally known pharmacist from Granite City, IL, was mentioned as the keynote for the major workshop, tentatively held in October, possibly tying into the National Red Ribbon Campaign (drug-free community promotion).  Three dates were discussed: Oct. 5, 12, or 19.  Kathy Jobin will be contacting Jim Dedera and give us feedback at the next Symposium Planning Meeting (scheduled for June 5). Quarterly workshop ideas included: 1) Previewing the HBO “Addiction” series, with time for discussion, 2) Local speakers, on related topics.  The next Symposium Planning Meeting will be held June 5 from 2:30-4:00pm, Parkland College, Room L159.  Please plan to attend, if you are interested in helping plan the Fall Symposium, or have ideas for the smaller quarterly workshops, guest speakers, etc.
  2. Liquor Advisory Commission: 2 issues were discussed – creating a license for private parties and the increase in # of arrests for the spring semester.  There were approx. 47 arrests, related to Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day, 11 from “other” states.  Calls for “service” were up. Classroom management was much better this year.  The next LAC meeting will be held May 17.  The issues of server license and increase in fines will be discussed.  TIPS trainings were discussed by C-U CCC members and how well that prepares servers.
  3. Affiliates Report: n/a
  4. IHECC:  Brian Farber, U of I, had previously mentioned a training in June that C-U CCC members may want to attend.  He was not present at the meeting to give any additional details.
  5. Media:  Linda Smith, Carle Clinic, will invite Jennifer Hendricks, Carle Marketing, to attend the June 5 Symposium Planning Meeting for potential ideas to promote the workshop, as well as other media-related ideas for this Coalition.  The June 5 meeting will be held from 2:30-4:00pm.  Michelle Liu, from WCIA and Ryann Hubbard, WICD, were also mentioned as media advocates from local TV stations.
C-U CCC’s/Committee Focus (updates, etc.)
  1. Student Involvement:  Contact has been made with the student that originally designed the C-U CCC website and she has access info., which will enable us to redesign/update the website.  This info. will be provided to Parkland Computer staff to establish updates, additions, etc.  There is a need to establish links, resources and updates.  Members are encouraged to review the website: to make suggestions.
  2.  City of Champaign: Scott Friedlein reviewed some items that will be discussed at the City Council meeting, related to alcohol policies: 1) Creation of Happy Hour laws, including definitions of drink measurements (26 oz. beer, 7 oz. wine, no more than 3 oz. distilled spirits) in an effort to keep all establishments consistent with what the “official” measurements will be, 64 oz. per container (for 2+ customers), for an average of 2- 2 ½ drinks per customer per container and prohibiting “bottle” service, 2) Server methods, definition of drink “amounts”, 3) Special promotion/Private functions
  3. ** Discussion took place regarding the Coalition’s support of these issues and the attendance of Coalition members at the City Council meetings and voicing our support
  4. Public Schools/Illinois Youth Survey:  Lisa Snider will be involved in a Teleconference May 21, which will include the review of the 2006 Illinois Youth Survey statewide results.  She will prepare a report, and present results, compared with county-wide results by next fall. 
  5. **  A Drug Interdiction Workshop is being sponsored by Prairie Center/Project X on June 8, 9:00am-3:00pm at the Urbana Civic Center.  Illinois Police Sgt. Mike Ross will be the keynote speaker. Please contact Lisa Snider by email or by phone 328-4500, ext. 421 to register (by June1).
  6. Parkland College: June Burch and Dennis Cockrum reported on the successful Alcohol Awareness event that was held April 25, which included guest speakers from Parkland Police Dept. and Carle Addiction Recovery.
***  There will be no C-U CCC meetings in June, July or August.  Meetings will resume in September.