Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the November 2007 Meeting


November 6, 2007 - MEETING MINUTES

Attendees: Dennis Cockrum, June Burch, Parkland College, Kathy Jobin, IDEA/ILCAAAP, Mary Russell, U of I/McKinley Health Center, Monique Russo, Parkland Student, Jennifer Sage, Parkland Student, Roger Claxon, Mental Health Center, Linda Smith, Carle Recovery Center, Lisa Snider, Anna Willy, Prairie Center, Jennifer Jackson, CU Public Health Dept.

  1. Welcome/Introductions
  2. October Minutes Reviewed – Approved by Anna Willy, 2nd by Jennifer Jackson
  3. Room Change for December 4 CUCCC Meeting – B129
  4. Symposium Update Scheduled for November 16, 2007, Parkland College Tony Noel Ag Building W155/116. Expenses for Symposium were discussed.  All monetary donations have been received. Previewed “This Place” video, to be shown as conclusion (in place of Project Ignition).  Good response, feedback included the video being a good “summary” of the importance of community involvement. Assignments were made regarding contacting individuals that had previously registered for October 5 date, but had not re-registered for November 16 date. Lunch count will be given to Lisa Snider by Tuesday, November 13 to order box lunches.  June will purchase drinks and breakfast items for Sam’s Club.
  5. Letters to the Editor June Burch and Kathy Jobin have written Letters to the Editor, including alcohol facts, and reschedule date for the Symposium. These will be posted on the CUCCC website.
  6. Website Jennifer Sage provided an update of the CUCCC website and requested October Meeting Minutes, so she can post on website. In the future Meeting Minutes will be posted on the website. A “Facts/Stats/Did You Know” section will be included regarding prevalent AOD information. Discussion regarding “outside site vs. inside site” was held and determined which “site” would require less maintenance, more security and flexibility.  Monitoring of site was also discussed, as well as the capability for agencies to be linked through the CUCCC website. Jennifer Sage and Dennis Cockrum agreed to answer questions that may be asked through the website. Payment of the account is due by March 2008. Jennifer discussed the “Meet Our Members” section, which would feature Coalition members and the agencies they are working at, including background info. on Coaltion members and services their agencies provide.  She would like to begin designing this section next week and will need info. from Coalition members, including Name of Member, Organization, and Agency Services.  Please send info. to Jennifer @ her email:
  7. Next Meeting: December 4, 2007, 3:00pm-4:30pm @ Parkland College, Room B129.