Past Meetings - 2007

Minutes from the October 2007 Meeting


October 2, 2007

Attendees: Dennis Cockrum, June Burch, Parkland College, Kathy Jobin, IDEA, ILCAAAP, Lisa Snider, Anna Willy, Prairie Center, Mary Russell, U of I, Roger Claxon, Mental Health Center, Jennifer Jackson, C-U Public Health Dept., Monique Russo, Parkland Student, Andrew Foster, Parkland Police


Fall Symposium Update

Public Awareness

  1. Website Update:  Parkland student (Jennifer) provided an update of the Coalition’s website and reviewed the format, including her revisions and suggestions.  One suggestion was posting more upcoming events, which will be discussed in an upcoming meeting with Dennis and June.  She would also like to provide a link to news articles.  Another focus will be on Coalition members and the services they provide.  Members are encouraged to review the Coalition’s website: for comments/suggestions.  Members may also email Jennifer for comments/suggestions.  The website is paid through March 2008.
  2. CUCCC Brochure: Dennis is updating the Coalition’s brochure.  The cost will be $202 to print 300 copies.  Symposium donations will be used to cover this cost.
  3. Letters to the Editor: June Burch and Kathy Jobin are developing Letters to the Editor for the News Gazette.  One letter has been printed, which focused on the upcoming Symposium.  Additional letters will include 1) Red Ribbon and 2) Rescheduled Symposium.

Coalition Goals

  1. Discussion took place regarding the need for clearer goals/focus of the Coalition, which may include increasing community awareness regarding the issues of illegal alcohol use and efforts to raise public awareness.
  2. An update was given regarding a meeting Dennis Cockrum and June Burch had with Sgt. Scott Friedlein, Champaign Police.  Sgt. Friedlein will no longer be the contact person/media liaison for alcohol related policies.  This is a concern of the Coalition, due to Sgt. Friedlein supporting the focus of this Coalition and the Coalition providing support to the ordinances Sgt. Friedlein has promoted in the past, including 3 issues voted down by the City Council.  These included celebrity bartenders, “shot girls” and equal pricing for private parties.  According to Sgt. Friedlein no alcohol-related issues will brought before the City Council in the near future and focus will lessen on alcohol-related issues.
  3. Reference was made to University of Iowa bypassing the City Council to address 21 bar entry age.


  1. U of I has seen an increase of police referrals.
  2. Mental Health Center gave an update on recent alcohol compliance checks.
  3. IDEA Conference: November 18 & 19, 2007, Springfield,IL.
  4. Members discussed the need for additional funding for activities/events that may be planned.  This discussion will continue at the November meeting.
  5. Next Meeting: November 6, 2007, Parkland College Room L159, 3:00pm-4:30pm.  The Symposium Planning Committee will be meet @ 2:30pm, before the Coalition meeting.